"Enda Tiers Monde or ENDA TM was created in 1972 in Dakar, by men and women who believed in the possibility of development that respects the environment and in the permanent search for social justice for all. and as shown by the acronym Environment, Development and Action in the Third World (Enda TM), it was created around an ambition articulating several dimensions of progress. Born in the South, to serve the peoples of the South Enda Third World a has always fought against the marginalization of the underprivileged and for sustainable development. Today Enda is organized into a Network of autonomous entities which carry out projects and programs in fields and on all development themes, with a presence permanent in ASIA, LATIN AMERICA, AFRICA and EUROPE The International Enda Third World Network is: 24 member entities, working in some forty countries and an Executive Secretariat based in Dakar ".



+120 000


(Health professionals, general population) trained on AIDS, malaria, tuberculosis, tuberculosis, maternal and child health.

+24 000


Distributed among the first community health mutuals, which today form a network of nearly 200 mutuals.



Have been trained (police, gendarmes, social workers, health personnel, etc.), 1,000 directories of actors have been edited and distributed to 480 people and an association of victims created.



Hydro-agricultural to rehabilitate around 700 ha in the department of Goudomp (Sédhiou).