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Submitted by admin on Wed, 05/12/2021 - 16:20

In partnership with the municipality of Tambacounda, USAID / GOLD, invited, Friday April 16, 2021, the Deputy Mayor Mame Balla Lô, to face the population and to defend its management of the last two years. An exercise that is part of the program to promote good governance in partner municipalities with the United States Agency for International Development / (Governance for Development) or USAID / GOLD. It was a moment of dialogue, of exchanges on issues of good governance. Thus, tools for promoting this good governance should be exploited. And one of the tools is called EDIC (Espace de Dialogue et d'Interpellation Citoyenne), which is a framework offered to mayors and community leaders to give an account, to give content to accountability. That is to say, convene all the components of the municipality by getting the Mayor to present his report, in direct dialogue between him and his constituents. It should be noted that this framework allows the municipality to establish direct dialogue, frank dialogue and mutual understanding of development issues.

Thus, the Deputy Mayor ofTambacounda, Mr. Mame Balla Lo has kindly accepted the exercise. An exercise that is not easy and “besides, many Mayors have declined the project offer. But he accepted and immediately said he was ready to face the people. And we have seen that the exchanges were very constructive. Clear answers were provided to the populations in relation to their concerns. This is the place to salute this commitment, this leadership of the Mayor of Tambacounda ", rejoices Mr. Diémé of USAID / GOLD. “Such a meeting is an opportunity to pinpoint the achievements of the municipality. And this has enabled us to take stock of 2016 to the present day while looking at the prospects with projects in progress, ”said Deputy Mayor Mame Balla Lô. In addition, some concerns were raised but which are for the most part in progress or already foreseen by the municipal team. According to him, "the arrests revolved around the issue of roads, electricity, access to water in certain outlying areas, but also the housing estate. And we have provided concrete answers to all these questions. And we are coming away very satisfied with this dialogue which has enabled us to take stock of 4 years, that is to say from 2016 to 2020 ".

At the end of the work, the Deputy Mayor Mame Balla Lô announced that a borehole will soon be dug in the east of the town to quench the thirst of the populations, especially in districts such as Akhibatou, Plateau, Afia, Saré Modou, Dar Salam , Gourel Amath, etc… Member of the board of directors of SONES (Société Nationale des Eaux du Sénégal), Mayor Lô to inform that the report he submitted at the level of this water management structure, on the situation of these districts, had a favorable result. Moreover, a technical team from Sones has already visited the site in Akhibatou, so that the drilling work can start as soon as possible.

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