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Submitted by admin on Wed, 05/12/2021 - 15:56

The commune of Bandafassi held its EDIC day on April 10, 2021. This meeting saw the participation of the mayor, councilors, the deputy sub-prefect, Usaid Passerelles, the director of the ARD, WV, Enda ECOPOP, village heads, GPFs, technical services, local leaders, ... The objective of this space for dialogue is to strengthen democracy and participatory governance by promoting the emergence of new citizen dynamics making it possible to strengthen the social support of local public action. Ultimately, this meeting enabled the mayor to report on his 2019/2020 management and the populations to question him on various issues. This meeting, which lasted 4 rounds of the clock, enabled the mayor and his team to answer the questions of the populations and collect suggestions in the direction of good governance of the municipality. The mayor reiterated his commitment to do this exercise every year because, for him, it strengthens trust between elected officials and citizens and also makes it possible to involve the whole community in the management of the community.


Ibra Ndiaye