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Submitted by admin on Wed, 05/12/2021 - 16:05

On Friday April 9, Enda ECOPOP with the USAID GoLD program supported the holding of the Archival Sharing Day. The activity brought together the communes of Koumpentoum and Goudiry who had come to learn from the experience of Tambacounda. The Prefect, the Mayors, the technical services (Treasury, SRADL), the municipal secretaries, the civil status officers, the accounting officers and the mail office of each municipality took part in this activity, as well as the ACTs and the Communal Facilitators. The activity made it possible to see the weak links in the functioning of the archiving of the administration of Territorial Collectivities. It was also an opportunity to share on the orderly management of documents and data. The discussions focused on the different types of archiving, possible classification and the mechanisms and means implemented by the municipality of Tamba. At the end of the day, the municipalities requested training on archiving in order to better cope with their responsibilities. The administrative authority took this opportunity to support the TC request while recommending that an EBAD national be used.


Ibra Ndiaye